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General Dentistry Services in Gilbert, AZ

Everyone needs a dentist, and if you live in or around Gilbert, AZ, Smile Crafters is your source for general dentistry services. We strive to welcome our patients into a warm, comfortable space where they can relax as they maintain their oral health. The Smile Crafters team is prepared to assist you with all your teeth and mouth-related needs, from routine cleanings to emergency dental concerns.

Whether you're switching care providers or you're ready to see a dentist for the first time in years, our nonjudgmental hygienists will help you get the care you need at a cost you can afford. Between our industry-leading care and helpful financing options, we make good oral health accessible for everyone.

Our General Dental Services

Smile Crafters' comprehensive dental services include:

  • Routine dental cleanings:Regular dental cleanings allow our hygienists to remove excessive plaque buildup and polish your teeth so that your mouth is cleaner and healthier.
  • Emergency exams: Mouth, jaw and tooth pains can prevent you from living your life comfortably. We offer same-day dental appointments to ensure immediate relief and help you treat whatever is causing you pain. 
  • Custom mouthguards: Mouthguards are vital when playing contact sports or if you grind your teeth in your sleep. Our team can create a custom mouthguard on-site to help you prevent mouth damage before it happens.
  • Sealants: Some teeth naturally have crevices that normal brushing cannot reach. Applying sealants to these areas can prevent plaque from building up in them and causing cavities.
  • Sedation: Nervousness about going to the dentist is normal. Whatever your reason for feeling anxious, Smile Crafters can ease your concerns with sedation dentistry. Simply come to us and let us determine the best sedation method for you, and you can relax while we take care of business.
  • Extractions: Whether you have severe tooth decay or it's time to get your wisdom teeth removed, our extraction technicians will take care of extracting your teeth with minimal discomfort for you.
  • TMJ treatments: Muscle tension, trauma and misaligned teeth can all lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), which can cause headaches, jaw pain and soreness. These cases require an experienced professional to diagnose and treat them in a way that makes sense for each individual patient, and Smile Crafters is ready for the challenge.

Why You Need a Family Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Having a regular dentist is vital to everyone's health, but many people avoid visiting the dentist at all, usually out of fear or due to the inconvenience. Fortunately, your local professionals at Smile Crafters are committed to improving the dentistry experience for you. Our team will ensure you feel welcome at our practice from the moment you arrive, and we aim to provide prompt service so that you can get back to your day as soon as possible.

Taking care of your teeth, mouth and jaw can prevent a range of serious conditions, including tooth decay and gum disease. Join our community today and reduce your risk of developing these and more issues.

Choose Smile Crafters for General Dentistry Services

Smile Crafters' Gilbert, AZ, family dentistry center welcomes anyone ready to take control of their oral health. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and use the latest dental technologies to ensure satisfactory services that make a difference. Connect with us today to schedule your first appointment, and let us show you what the ideal dental experience looks like.